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Relocation, in January 2017, of the Dimitri Kitsikis Public Library and Archives at the National Archives of Greece, in the city of Heraklion, Crete, where its material will continue to be available to researchers, while the Foundation's headquarters remain in Athens, city of Zographou.

Μεταφορὰ τῆς Βιβλιοθήκης καὶ τοῦ Ἀρχείου στὰ Γενικὰ Ἀρχεῖα τοῦ Κράτους(ΓΑΚ) Ἡρακλείου-Ἰανουάριος 2017

Ἀποδοχὴ προσφορᾶς Δήμου Ζωγράφου ἀπὸ τὰ ΓΑΚ Ἡρακλείου-12 Ἀπριλίου 2017

Arrival of IDKF Archives from Athens to the State Archives of Heraklion-6 April 2017

Arrival of IDKF Archives from Athens to the State Archives of Heraklion-6 April 2017

Professor Dimitri Kitsikis is away from his office at the Foundation, in Athens, from October to June. Consequently he does not answer any calls at his Foundation's office. You may reach him at his University of Ottawa office by dialing from Greece
(00)1.613.562.5800 extension 1310, or through email at


The Dimitri Kitsikis Public Foundation was formally established under Presidential Decree 129, on the 5th of September 2008. (FEK, A 190, pp. 3425, 3430-3431,15 September 2008). As stated in the Decree that was published in the Gazette of the Greek Government, the main purpose of the Foundation is to organize, to classify, to make available to the public and ultimately to exploit in the best possible way the cultural value and research potential of the personal library and archives of Dimitri Kitsikis.

The Foundation's organizational structure (OEY) was established under State decision, on the 24th of June 2010 and published in the Gazette of the Greek Government (FEK, B 1004, 14255-14257, 30 June 2010)

As a public entity, the Foundation’s mission is to serve the public good by inspiring people through the promotion of research and education. In accordance with the teachings of Professor Kitsikis, it aims at globalizing Greek thought in the present world and – independently of partisan positions – encourage, on an international level, dialogue among cultural communities.

The Dimitri Kitsikis Library is hosted by the Foundation. The Library holds the bulk of the personal library and archives of Professor Kitsikis, which he himself donated in 2006 to the city of Zographou (prefecture of Athens).

Falling under its general mission and purpose, the Foundation’s principle activities lie in the following three areas.
  1. As an institution, the Foundation’s main function is:

    • to finance projects, events and publications relative to the life and the work of Dimitri Kitsikis

    • to finance projects, events and publications that promote cultural life among youth, students, and the general public

    • to supervise and coordinate the activities of its Library and Research Center

  2. The Library’s function – which operates as a research library and not as a lending one – is:

    • to preserve, organize and catalog the available material

    • to acquire new material and constantly enrich the existing collections

    • to make the Library’s content available for study:
        1. on the premises of the Foundation by accommodating the public in reading rooms with the appropriate equipment

        2. over the internet by providing online search tools of the catalogs and by giving access to digitized versions of some collections

  3. Finally, a long term goal of the Foundation is to develop a Research Center of geopolitical studies that will:

    • organize and host, lectures, seminars, round-tables, symposia and conferences

    • finance research and publish scientific papers

    • grant awards and bursaries to university students as well as researchers

INTERMEDIATE REGION Dimitri Kitsikis’ Geopolitical quarterly
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