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Dimitri Kitsikis
Dimitri Kitsikis was born in Athens on June 2, 1935. Professor emeritus of the University of Ottawa, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, historian and poet, he is a scholar of international stature and is considered one of the three top geopolitical thinkers worldwide, of the 20th century, together with Karl Haushofer and Halford Mackinder.

He received his doctoral degree from the University of the Sorbonne (Paris) in 1962 and has since been teaching political ideologies and geopolitics. He is a specialist of Greek-Turkish relations, China, the Middle East and the History of international relations. His numerous books and articles have been published in many languages.

As a recognized intellectual in Greece and in Turkey, Dimitri Kitsikis has influenced politicians, journalists, artists and thinkers in both countries. He was in particular a close friend and former advisor of both Greek President Constantine Karamanlis senior and Turkish President Turgut Özal. However Professor Kitsikis is mostly known to be a lifelong anticonformist.

Throughout his career, he has worked to reconcile issues between Greeks and Turks in order to unite them into a Confederation and to revive the Ottoman Empire. He has furthermore closely collaborated with Shia Muslims in Iran, Jews in Israel and Hindus in India in an effort to encourage dialogue among religious communities. He also kept close ties with Chinese leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, through his trips in China.

Professor Kitsikis is the founder of the concept of the “Intermediate Region” of civilization, extending from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus River, between the Euro-American West and the Hindu-Chinese East.

In 2007, his book under the title, “A Comparative History of Greece and China from Antiquity to the Present” was published in Greek. This unique work shows the relationship between the two civilizations throughout their history spanning three millennia and focuses on two concepts: the Greek-Chinese civilization in a planetary context and its political expression during the last 2500 years, that is, the ecumenical empire as the ideal organizational model.

In September 2008, the Greek government formally established the Dimitri Kitsikis Public Foundation in Athens by way of presidential decree.

Dimitri Kitsikis, holds citizenships from Greece, France and Canada, is married and has 4 children. He lives both in North America and Europe, splitting his time between Ottawa, Paris and Athens.


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