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Scientific Board - Activities of the Research Center



Prof. Dr. Ayşe Ayata (Middle East Technical University - METU, Turkey)
Turkish Politics and Political Parties, Women in Politics

Prof. Dr. Renee Hirschon (University of Oxford, UK)
Social Anthropology, Refugee Studies (especially in the Aegean Area)

Prof. Dr. Victoria Holbrook (Bilgi University, Turkey)
Ottoman and Persian Tasavvuf (Sufism) and Poetry

Dr. Agis Kitsikis

Prof. Dr. Dimitri Kitsikis, FRSC (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Geopolitics. International Relations. Turkish, Greek and Chinese Studies.Ideologies and Religions. Poetry.

Prof Lin Ying (Zhongshan University, China)
Byzantine - Chinese Relations, Turks and Nomads of Central Asia

Prof. Dr. Rev Georgios D. Metallinos (University of Athens, Greece)
Orthodox Romanity and Theology. History of the Orthodox Church

Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı (Director of  the Topkapı Palace, Galatasaray University, Turkey)
Ottoman and Turkish History

Dr. Christos Retoulas
Christian and Islamic Romanity and Religion, International Relations and Security

Prof. Dr. George I. Stassinopoulos (National Technical University, Athens)
Electrical and Computer Engineering

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