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1) burial on Çamlica Hill
Kitsikis relation to Camlica

2 - Poem to be engraved on Dimitri & Ada's common tomb-2011

3 - 2011-Gediz University- Ce n'est qu'un au revoir!
Dimitri Kitsikis at Izmir Gediz University, in 2011

4 - Last page of D.Kitsikis' French autobiography manuscript
Last page of a 26-page manuscript bound by a French artist bookbinder of Marseilles, France, in 2013, in a series of 26 Francophone writers of the Mediterranean Basin. Each letter of the Latin alphabet is represented by a Mediterranean country through a single writer with the name starting with a correponded letter. Only two manuscript copies for each letter have been produced, one for the bookbinder and the second for the author.  The above manusript represents Greece and bears on its artistic cover the letter K, for Kitsikis. It has been stored in the DK Foundation Library.

5 - D.Kitsikis's Confessions French Typed Copy
Here is the above 26-page text transcribed in a taped form:
Confessions d'un père à sa fille

6 - D. Kitsikis' Poem for Ada-2014
A poem in French for Ada Kitsikis

7 - Ada in 2015 speaks in Greek to her father dead in 1987. French translation by Dimitri
Lettre à un père mort

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